Shakti Dance Society

Shakti Dance Society was formed in Vancouver in 2004 to promote Bharata Natyam through performance and training, with an emphasis on innovation within tradition.  We strive to create accessible and reflective work, steeped in traditional wisdom.  Shakti Dance's goal is to make Bharata Natyam a sought-after dance form, programmed in dance festivals, explored by other artists, and presented on the concert stage.  We believe that the practice of Bharata Natyam is evolving, has contemporary relevance, and is universally meaningful.

We would like to encourage you to become a member of Shakti Dance: only $10 per year. Your membership will help us continue to produce exciting dance performances throughout the next year. Why not invite your friends to join as well?  Contact us for more information or click here to download and print a membership form (just enclose a cheque and mail it back to us)!

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